It's Time To Stop Telling People What To Ingest


Right from when I was a tiny dribbling child, I was always told about the 'good' and the 'bad' food, mostly at school. They would continuously promote healthy foods by making us test exotic fruits (of which I hated every single sample) and just generally whispering McDonald's under the same breath as Satan.

When I get a Big Mac that looks like this, I will have
a sex change. Confident my penis will stay in tact.
Now I am less than ten months from being an Official Adult, and I supposedly have all the independence of the world. For the most part, yes I do, but the finger waggling still continues with 'Eat this', 'Don't eat that' and 'Get X amount of exercise per day'. And my simple question is this: why?

Now I wouldn't be asking that if these were mere recommendations; some public advice to keep people on the right track but ultimately allowing them to have their own responsibility. But while technically that's all it really is, you get the sense that they are orders.

Take McDonald's for example. We all know that this has never been the place for slimmers, and the business itself has never tried to be anything but a convenience restaurant. I go there full well knowing that it's never going to improve my health. And yet, have you seen some people on the internet talking about Maccy D's? They say it's so deadly, the food itself might as well be malaria. Well, they sort of say that... you get my gist.

Coca-Cola is another one to constantly be targeted. I saw this article on a website which discussed this experiment a man took - drinking ten Coke cans (330ml) per day for a month. The website's headline contained the words: "The Results Were Shocking". So what happened? Well, the guy gained twenty-six pounds, which is a smidgen under two stone.  Shocking? Of course not.

Each Coke can contains 140 calories per can. Multiply that by ten and we get 1400 extra calories per day on top of the guy's usual diet. So of course he's going to bloody gain weight. The article targets how awful Coca-Cola is as a result from the experiment, but the fact is that sugar is sugar. You could have several teaspoons of sugar in your many cups of tea per day, and you'll see similar results. Quick, everyone boycott PG Tips!

What I ultimately want to say as a result from all this is this: let people make their own choices. Stop glorifying rabbit food (also nicknamed as salad) and shaming kebabs. We are adults, and we are old enough to make our own choices. If people choose to eat unhealthy food, do you really think a whiny article is going to make them suddenly change? Nah, didn't think so.

As for myself, I have what people would probably consider an unhealthy diet. I never get my 5-a-day, and I always go over on saturated fat, and probably calories too. But the fact is that I'm making the most of it while I'm young. I seem to have a pretty good metabolism right now, but I bet my left lung that won't be the case in another ten years.

I will end this post here. It's pretty difficult eating chocolate and typing at the same time.